Gaming is a favourite hobby for many people irrespective of their age. Over the past decade, mobile gaming has been a mode of de-stressing from the mundane routine.

According to recent statistics, almost 40% of the world population are games., i.e., 3.24 billion people play games either as a professional or for entertainment. Something which started as a stress-buster has now become one of the highest yielding industries. The revenue of the mobile gaming industry is expected to reach USD 272 billion dollars by the end of 2030 according to Global data’s recent stats.

So, it is important for the mobile game development companies to stay at the top of the charts by incorporating the popular trends in their mobile games. In this blog, we will explore different trends in mobile game development.

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a. Casual gaming:

Casual gaming are games that are targeted for mass market audiences. These games can be played as a hobby and for entertainment. Casual games include games that are built around simple user interface like word scrabble, puzzles, a game that involves a lot of running like subway surfers, temple run, and candy crush. Poker, chess, slot games, and casinos also come under casual games. Candy crush and Minecraft are two of the most popular casual games played by a wider audience.

b. Cloud Based games:

Cloud Based Gaming – often referred to as Gaming as a Service (GaaS) or online streaming of gaming is a type of online gaming that runs from remote servers and can be directly streamed on the user’s device. This eliminates the need to download the game, saving space in the user’s device. The cloud-based gaming industry is predicted to grow up to 43% by the year 2029.

c. Cross-platform games:

Cross -platform games are the multiplayer games where each player can access the game from different platforms like consoles, PC, mobile, etc. Cross-platform mobile gaming is predicted to change the gaming ecosystem in the coming years. With massive developments in the game coding, a player doesn’t have to own a gaming console or a PC to play, a simple mobile will do the magic. When companies develop games that share the same online server, the game becomes easily usable by everyone.

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d. AR and VR Games:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games are the most popular trend for the past 5 to 6 years. By enhancing the gamers experience by AR and VR techniques, companies can attract customers. Although the VR glasses are expensive now, over the years in the future it is expected to be affordable because of technical progress. A lot of big techies like Qualcomm, Google, and Amazon have already started with AR and VR based games.

e. 5G games:

Enhancing user experience was never out of trend. When your customers are able to play the games at 5G internet speed, there will be no lag and latency. Every gamer would love a game that operates smoothly without any lag. So, developing your games in the 5G era is one of the mobile game development trends that will increase your customer traction.

f. The Metaverse:

When a lot of dynamics change when The Metaverse is introduced, the gaming industry is also looking promising with the introduction of Metaverse. The amalgamation of digital networking, and gaming with AR and VR facilities will give rise to several innovations in gaming. With the introduction of Metaverse, the game outsourcing companies will have greater scope in concept art services for capturing the customer’s essence.


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