Concept art is an integral part of the 2D and 3D animation pipeline in-game development. Concept art forms the backbone in setting the desired look, feel, and mood of the game.

Why is concept art important in Game Art?

  1. It serves as a reference point for other ancillary graphics and creatives of the game.
  2. It serves as a bridge between your imagination of the game and its interpretation in the real world.

Best Game Concept Art Designs needs a team with digital graphics expertise. At ZVKY, we have a dedicated team of game art designers, programmers, and artists who give life to your game and provide an immersive gaming experience. If you are on the lookout for a robust product development team with the best industry knowledge, then you are at the right place.

Approach for fine delivery

Internal art QA: Innovating and crafting visually stunning interactive experiences

Styles: We create mind-blowing plethora of art styles

Internal Team: Passionate and innovative to develop incredible games

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Video game concept artists play an active role in creating concept art. However, it is the combined efforts of art directors, asset creators, designers and concept artists that help to add life to ideas. The process generally starts with the creation of 2D art models which are gradually moulded into digital assets. ZVKY’s team coordinates with each other to give shape to the most brilliant ideas.

Creating concept art for video games is a specialized task. It generally begins with an idea. Once it is approved, further research is carried out to add detailed gaming objects like environments and characters. Gradually, video game worlds are created and levels are designed. While illustrations form the first steps of asset building, it slowly incorporates other elements to enrich the visual effects.

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