With our expertise in 2D game art creation, our skilled game developers and concept artists make an impossible vision into a perfect game in the market. We understand the client’s goal and use our specialization to develop the most stunning and fantastic game art. Our 2D game art outsourcing service is all about concept art, 2D sketches, backgrounds, icons, 2D characters and lots more. At ZVKY, we believe that every imagination deserves to find its place and so we are here to make your imagination give the professional touch and cover the project with everything it needs. Trust us because we promise end-to-end support and top-notch delivery without delaying your timeline or exceeding your budget. We guarantee client’s satisfaction and ultimate creativity, reliability and passion. You can contact our team for challenging 2D projects. We hope to find you the right solution with our innovation.

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2D art or two-dimensional art consists of artwork done on a plane. It utilizes the dimensions of height and width but, it lacks depth. Drawing, sketching and painting are the most basic forms of 2D art. These have been now modified to suit the demands of digital media. ZVKY has experienced 2D artists trained to deliver exceptional projects within fixed deadlines.

Before choosing the best 2D game art companies, it is necessary to check whether they have experienced artists, UI/UX designers. A team of talented and creative professionals can make a massive difference to your project. Check out their portfolio of projects to get a fair understanding of the kind of work they have handled. The use of innovative and advanced techniques and sophisticated tools ensure brilliant output. You can also check out their client list to get an idea about their reputation in the industry. Finally, you should look out for companies who are willing to implement your ideas and vision in the project.

  • It ensures maximum flexibility of operations.
  • Ensures cost-effective services
  • Enables timely delivery of services
  • Outsourcing prevents the need to hire in-house professionals with specialized skills
  • Overhead costs are minimized significantly
  • The process of creating impeccable 2D Art involves planning, Pre-production, animation, and post-production. It starts with planning, where the concept, visuals, and characters are finalized.
  • It is then communicated to the animators through the pre-production stage. Animators then use the input to bring them to life. The animation then goes through a post-production stage that involves editing and adding relevant media elements to produce the final animation video.

Choosing the right 2D game artists with exceptional talent who give life to your ideas within your budget is a risky task. The first step to hiring 2D game artists is to check their portfolios and skillsets. Next comes their pricing. If both of thesework well, you can hire them and start your journey towards cheating enjoyable 2D games.

The process of making 2D art, involves creative and software skills and years of expertise. To get the best 2D game art, you need professionals. The best way is to outsource your 2D game art requirements to proficient, and domain-specific 2D game artisans who are capable of using the best technologies to deliver a quality product on time.

2D game art, like any other 2D animation project, goes through multiple stages of production. The most crucial is the 2D game environment design and animations. The 2D game designers use the latest software to deliver animation and background designs to make your 2D game art engaging and intriguing.

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