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Zvky Design Studio is a distinguished Game Art, Animation and Development service studio that has been pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry for over 14 years.

Born from a passionate drive to create remarkable gaming experience, Zvky has cultivated a unique blend of artistic excellence and technical finesse with a range of services to provide full-cycle game development.

Our studio boasts a team of experienced industry professionals, with a passion for gaming covering diverse set of skillset in game design, 2D & 3D art, animation, UI/UX design, and game programming to create unique ideas into engaging and captivating games.

Over the years, Zvky Design has forged strong partnerships with industry’s leading gaming companies, contributing to an array of successful titles across multiple platforms, from mobile and PC to console gaming.

At Zvky Design, we believe that the heart of every great game lies in its art and design. With our strong artistic roots and their ability to stay at the forefront of technology, we stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence.


Game Art

At ZVKY game art studio, we have a professional team of game designers who can bring ideas into reality. We guarantee innovative 2D and 3D game art.

Game Development

We believe that game development is an art that requires experienced talents. From transforming a concept into design to post-production work, we ensure that you receive the best.

Game Animation

The right animation technique can bring life to a game. Our experienced animators use their innovations and modern technologies to design an interactive and visually impressive game.

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Success Stories

John Moruzze

Producer/Product Manager, Disney Interactive - Playdom

The Zvky team has been a complete pleasure to work with. They were our main art vendor and produced breathtaking scenes for our hidden object game that exceeded all expectations. The communication pipeline we had with them was one of the best I have worked with. Even with the large time difference between our two teams, they were always quick to respond to emails and provide quick turnarounds on feedback. I would definitely recommend Zvky and if given the opportunity again, I would work with them without question.

Margaret Foley – Mauvais

Franchise Art Director, Zynga

Zvky is a strongly creative studio that delivers high quality art in record time. Communication and delivery estimation are clear and on-target; so I know that with their wide range of skills, I can depend on Zvky to help me make the artistic vision for any game a reality.

Tim Murray

Creative Director, Gogii Games

We have worked with Zvky for over 5 years and they always deliver top quality art assets in any style we need. From Real Time Strategy to Cooking games the team has met the challenge every time, providing characters, props and environments in vivid detail. Their team is fast, professional, and imaginative.

Game art Studio

ZVKY, one of Asia's leading game art outsourcing studios, has experience in providing the best animation, 2D art games, 3D art games, integration solutions, and development services across all the platforms. Our company was founded in 2009. It is based in the silicon valley of India. A team of talented juggernauts in design and animations has helped to contribute over 350 applications and games in the last 12 years. Now we also have specializations in augmenting.

Moreover, we aim to help our clients realize their vision from inception to end quality product. Some of our team's recent work includes World War Rising, FarmVille 2 (Country Escape), and Game of Thrones (Slots Casinos). We deal in slots game, art vector and isometric art in illustration. At the same time, we also offer mobile game art or conceptual video game art where our professionals can deliver to the client as per their preference.

The game art studio helps to develop live creative video games. But developing these games takes a lot of time. With the help of outsourcing, the game art studio can save a lot of time with the in-house artists. When you outsource any game art service, especially our company, ZVKY, you do not have to spend extra money on the employment cost. It can make the service a cost-effective affair.

Moreover, the absence of overhead costs makes our company quite popular. There lies the freedom of unnecessary spending and additional bureaucracy. In this process, our company helps reduce the organization's burden while saving both the budget and the time.

Whenever any company hires the dream outsourcing services from us, our team helps deliver the service while providing the highest quality assurance. With the best design, the organization can truly get satisfied with our services. Moreover, the creative team of our company helps to master the art of making premium quality applications, games and gamified applications. Most importantly, our decades of experience and highly skilled game developers helps to craft several tier-1 games.

ZVKY has the reputation of making the brand or the product shine. With us, one can get various multi-language logos, application icons and campaign assets or animated videos within 4K resolution. Visit the service page and learn more about our expertise and portfolio.

The process of game development includes pre-production, production, and post-production stages. The game type, target audience, genre, storyline, finance, design, technology, platform and marketing are decided in this stage. Design elements and game mechanics are completed during the production stage. The post-production stage involves bug fixing, server maintenance, and other maintenance-related work.

Outsourcing your game art requirements can not only cut down on the time required to build impressive and lucrative games but also reduces the costs incurred. It also gives flexibility as the services can be availed only when required, compared to a fixed overhead cost of having an in-house team.

Yes, we can update designs and themes with backgrounds, new characters, tilesets and more as per your requirements.

Some of the top game art designers in India are sought out for their expertise and skillsets that make their work unique and interesting. With an in-depth understanding of various game art concepts and practical knowledge of game designing software, the designers at many of the top game outsourcing companies can give your game the professional edge you are looking for. You can get in touch with us to know more about the design services we offer and how our artists can help your game stand out.

You can get in touch with us to discuss your game art design requirements. We will provide you with a contract that has all the information regarding the scope of work, guarantees for cooperation, the terms and conditions, and the team who will be working on your game art design. This process is done to assure you of our commitment to your game art design project requirements.

At ZVKY, we offer 2D & 3D game development, gaming solutions with social media integration, single-player, multi-player, and gambling games, gamification solutions, iPhone/Android games and more.

The artists at ZVKY are expertise in creating highly engaging animations as per the needs of the clients. We are one of the best game art outsourcing studios, turning your dreams into virtual reality with the help of our creativity.

You need a game art studio to deliver top-notch graphics for your projects. The experienced game developers at ZVKY provide stunning 2D/3D game art outsourcing art and design services for games.

By hiring a professional game art studio like ZVKY, you can easily turn your game concept into stunning designs at affordable pricing. Browse through our portfolios to see the skill of our experienced artists. Contact us today!

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