6 Important Reasons Why Gaming Companies Need Excellent Customer Support

As you can imagine, customer support for gaming companies is an essential part of the gamer’s experience. Many players turn to social media in times of trouble to share their frustrations. Hiring a customer support team can help them handle such issues. Here are six reasons why customer support is crucial to gaming companies. Hopefully, […]

6 Important Checklists To Choose a Reliable Game Design Company?

Choosing the right game production firm may be a daunting task since there are many to pick from; if you’re still unsure which firm to choose and why, our specially curated checklist is here to assist. In addition, the following are a few considerations to bear in mind before entering into any agreement. Do You […]

6 Reasons to Prove that Video Games are Result of Great Art and Animation

Art is mostly associated with painting, sculptures, illustrations and performing art forms like dance, drama, and more. But do you know that video games are also a form of art? Throughout the world, gaming has become a passion among many for the versatility it offers. You can create what your imagination holds and that is […]

Top 10 Game Development Trends in 2021

The gaming industry has seen a great change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s a huge increase in the number of mobile-users-turned-gamers while staying at home during the lockdown. After all, gaming is more fun and interactive for many than web series and movies. What is The Future of The Gaming Industry? With the rise […]

Pillars of Successful Game Design

The gaming design and video game concept art industry are undergoing a paradigm shift. Cloud gaming is slowly overtaking traditional PC gaming. As streaming technologies increase in speed, volume, and fidelity, the annoyances of PC gaming will be superseded by cloud gaming positives. Every year gaming consoles are receiving numerous upgrades. PlayStation and Xbox Series […]

Best Games of 2020 – A Brief Overview for All Gaming Platforms

Sometimes, you feel like running away to a different world. And sometimes, all you need to do to achieve that is press a button. There are more than one million games available today on different platforms, so there is no reason for you to think that you can’t find one for yourself. Beautiful scenery, great […]

How to choose the best game development companies in India?

Blooming Mobile Gaming Market Over the years, modern technology has taken control of human lives, making our lives easier, better and faster. There is no denying that technology has a powerful influence. It is remarkable to see that technology has made communication fast and convenient. The demand for smartphones is on the rise. And the […]

How to Kick-start a career in the Gaming Industry

Preparing yourself for a career in gaming? Who doesn’t love Games? imagine being a part of a million dollar game and having the credits go-on with your name on it! Fascinating, isn’t it? There are very few career options as exciting as the gaming industry right now because technology is advancing at a breakneck pace […]

Rise of Indian Gaming Industry

More than 70 million gamers spread across the mobile, console and PC platforms, the Indian gaming segment has captured the attention of numerous international gaming companies. Cost-effectiveness, being the principal motivation for such a shift in focus behind outsourcing their key working components. With the emergence of online gambling and casino games in India, there has […]

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