Due to the high demand for mobile games and to keep up with competitors, gaming companies focus a lot on speeding up production and also look to decrease the overall cost of their projects. The most preferred way to do this is to use the services of external game art studios for art production. Mobile game art outsourcing helps to free in-house artists to focus on the most important features of the game. However, there are a few crucial aspects that can help you get the best results while outsourcing your art requirements.

3 Things to Keep in Mind before your Outsource Your Mobile Game Art

Are you a startup company planning to outsource your requirements for the first time or are you an enterprise with a tried and tested outsource workflow? Irrespective of the case, the fundamental points shared bellow can act as a guide for starters as well as seasoned game design companies.

Art Style

Providing low information about your requirements can make it difficult for the outsourcing team to navigate through the project. Thorough research on your art style requirements can help you narrow down and have better clarity of your exact art requirements. This way you can clearly state not only the art style but also other aspects such as the quantity and parameters of your game’s graphical assets.

Project Brief

A major factor that can significantly delay the initial deadline is a large number of clarifying questions that go back and forth in understanding the brief. You can avoid the roadblocks by providing a thorough project brief beforehand that will not only have the game description, genre or core mechanics but more. To get a quick and precise estimate from the contractor, make sure to also include the below points to your mobile game art outsourcing brief:

  • A list of graphical assets required for the project
  • Size or resolution for each asset
  • The art style and level of detail references
  • File export methods

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Prepare an NDA that will clearly define the restrictions for the contractor. This will help to protect the confidential information you share with them. You can simply download an NDA sample from the internet or seek the help of legal professionals who understand the best law practices and specifics of the gaming industry.


An external game art studio can deliver you the best results if you follow the above tips while outsourcing your game’s graphical asset requirements. If you are looking for skilled external resources who outsource animation services or mobile game art services, check out ZVKY Design. Rated among the top gaming art outsourcing companies in India, ZVKY makes your outsource experience a breeze by providing a through estimation and a structured game art workflow for your 2D and 3D mobile art needs. To know more visit>> https://www.zvky.com/mobile-game-art-outsourcing/

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