The gaming Industry which now seems extravagant and lucrative for many, was once a tiny field where some gaming companies envisioned this future. The industry today stands at a revenue of mobile gaming worth $248 billion. Currently, engagement gaming and its community is wide with the constant increase in its members. New technology leverages companies to utilise unique characters, animations, and VFX for development that keeps the audience engaged. Moreover, games incorporated with real-life sports celebrities make them more appealing to users. Let’s find out how it all started and what’s the evolution of gaming: 


The Roots of Video Gaming

The root of gaming might be different for many, some say the first game they played was Fortnite, some will reply to Minecraft, while some say baseball is a computer game. However, video games were started in 1940 with a computer game “Nim” designed by Edward U. Condon. This was followed by the IBM 1620 baseball computer program by John Burgeson. 

Personal Computers and the Gaming Industry

Personal Computers and Mobile Phones have a significant contribution to the evolution of the gaming industry. With more and more developments in the technology of computer inventions, the gaming industry kept pushing itself to accommodate new software. During the 1980s when new computers and consoles were developed by computer companies, the video game industry welcomed a boom with “Space invaders”. With more powerful processors and computers invented by Microsoft, Apple, Intel, and other companies, the game industry continued to rise. 

Overview of the importance of player engagement in gaming

The immersion, involvement, and experience of layers while operating video games make these games appealing to many. Games, where users experience as characters to earn rewards, make it pivotal for the gaming industry. Therefore, engagement gaming is more popular compared to games where users have the least involvement. 

Onward To Atari And Arcade Gaming

Electro mechanic games Periscope and Crown Special Soccer are two games which initiated the world of arcade gaming in 1960 and 1967. Atari in 1972 founded by Nolan Bushnell who is known as the father of gaming was the first company to set a vibe for the  gaming community. Atari developed their own game as well as became the major stakeholders in the developing arcade industry where today many companies are making their mark. Atari is the maker of the arcade industry in the world. 

The Origins of Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games like Clash of Clans, where users across different screens and at different places can play and compete at the same time. The origin of multiplayer engagement gaming lies in 1973 when “Empire” was developed by PLATO. Empire is a strategy-based game for 8 players, later a 32-player game was released for PLATO which is considered as the first 3D multiplayer game. 

The Move Toward Mobile                

Mobile games started their journey in 2007 when smartphones entered the market. Similar to computers and consoles with increased mobile development, the development of games in mobile devices amplified. Complex mobile games like Clash of Clans on mobile phones from basic single-player games like Subway Surf is an example of evolution in mobile games.                       

 Home Gaming Becomes A Reality

Initially, when Atari released their Atari VCS for home games it faced extremely slow growth. At that time, the US was just accepting the invention of colour TV, so it took some time for Atari to enter into home gaming. The first games were quite basic like Pong. When hobbyist magazines like Computer Gaming World in 1981, and Creative Computing in 1974 were released, the gaming community became stronger. As a result, home engagement gaming animation outsourcing  became popular. 

The first stage: arcade games

The first arcade game was “Computer Space” designed by Father Gaming. These were later amplified with an increase in technology and devices. 


The gaming industry which has larger-than-life visuals and a huge revenue industry across the globe started its journey with games that people do not even remember. It took ample years for the engagement gaming industry to reach this level with the constant development of technology and games.

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