Game arts: 5 trends for the future

The video game industry is constantly changing, and the trends in this medium are also frequently changing as a result of technological advancements. This article will figure out the major developments that are reshaping the game industry. The gaming industry is always evolving with new developments like accepting virtual and augmented reality, the emergence of […]

What Are The Main Stages Of Game Development?

The gaming sector has been growing rapidly with increasing popularity and interest. The community of gamers across the globe has been multifold for the last few years. Many e-commerce and other businesses are taking advantage of gamification features to attract customers. So, with increased popularity, many game development companies in India are regularly developing new […]

The Merits of Incorporating Blockchain Technology into the Gaming Industry

The ownership of in-game assets is becoming increasingly appealing in the gaming community. 3D characters, props, and tools that might look like basic entertainment to others hold great monetary value in the gaming community. Blockchain technology is modifying the world, it’s slowly entering into the gaming industry. From small tokens to in-game assets, blockchain technology […]

The Evolution of Gaming Engagement

The gaming Industry which now seems extravagant and lucrative for many, was once a tiny field where some gaming companies envisioned this future. The industry today stands at a revenue of mobile gaming worth $248 billion. Currently, engagement gaming and its community is wide with the constant increase in its members. New technology leverages companies […]

The Role of Voice Chats in Building Gaming Communities

Gaming communities have grown into colossal pillars, shaping the gaming industry. These communities provide players with a sense of belonging, forming bonds and rivalries that enrich the gaming experience.  An interesting statistic underlines this growth – India recorded about 421 million online gamers in the year 2022.  While various factors, including the impact of sound […]

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Video Games

“Artificial Intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, and we will have multiplied the intelligence a billion-fold.”  – Ray Kurzweil.  The pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern video game development is undeniable.  One of the pioneering marvels of Artificial Intelligence is mirrored in the computerised […]

Guide to Stages of Video Game Testing: From Concept to Perfection!

Are game-breaking bugs and frustrating glitches plaguing the gaming experience you want to give your gamers? Wondering why some games crash or fail to deliver the promised adventure?  Well, the fault is really not from the development end, instead, it’s all about testing. For example, there can be interface bugs where some graphics are not […]

VFX IN Game: Importance of VFX for Enhancing the Gaming Experience

Introduction The gaming world has made extraordinary progress over the past few years and the quality of visual effects (VFX) of these games has got a big role to play in improving the gaming experience of gamers. VFX can provide players with an immersive experience of the gaming world.  You can make use of video […]

How To Keep Gamers Engaged In Video Games

The concept of player engagement refers to the playing situation. It focuses on what motivates video game players to continue playing and what magic keep players interested in continuing to play. As a result, it is always interpreted that player engagement is a critical aspect of the grand success of any video game because it […]

Isometric Game: What It Is & Best 10 Unrivalled List Of Isometric Games

  The game’s building blocks come down to graphics which decide what type of experience the players would get to have while playing. From the ear of Mario, a 2d game, to the battleground action game, a 3d game, gaming has evolved a lot. In this evolution, graphics have become more realistic than ever. For […]

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