The ownership of in-game assets is becoming increasingly appealing in the gaming community. 3D characters, props, and tools that might look like basic entertainment to others hold great monetary value in the gaming community. Blockchain technology is modifying the world, it’s slowly entering into the gaming industry. From small tokens to in-game assets, blockchain technology is being utilized in games for different logic. There are many   in the world where players traverse and use attributes of blockchain such as Cryptobeasts, Decentraland, Guild of Guardians, and many more. To comprehend, let’s check out blockchain technology gain for the gaming industry:

Gains of executing blockchain technology in the gaming industry: 

Here is the list of merits of benefits of blockchain blockchain technology united with games that players will get:  

1.  Digital identity and reputation: Blockchain technology allocates a strong element of digital identity. Players with blockchain accounts can be verified, which will assist them build a reputation in games for gaming players. Digital identity and reputation for game players can prevent deceit and cyber issues. 

2. Secure and transparent transactions: Gamers like to buy various new characters, outfits, tools, and other attributes that are allocated for a more immersive experience. To buy these in-game products for gaming, players have to use credit cards and other payment options. These payment options are united but have a variety of limitations. Games allocating blockchain technology for payments minimize these limitations and allocate instant process solutions. Moreover, blockchain payments are safe to use. Blockchains also utilize proof of work and other such algorithms to make sure a secure network gives a secure pathway to transactions. 

3. Minimized Deceit and Cheating: In-game purchases and assets when united with financial accounts like credit cards have high chances of deceit. Many unidentified players sell these in-game products to gamers at affordable prices in order to lure them into deceit. Blockchain again eliminates this issue due to the high level of transparency and smart contracts. Players with smart contracts with well-coded contracts can prevent deceit activities. 

4. Transparency and Immutability: Frauds and hackers have less or no chances of deceit and crimes due to transparency and immutability. Blockchain technology is highly transparent as the technology does not delete any transactions. There are endless transactions happening every day on the blockchain, all these transactions are recorded irrespective of cost. This transparency permits players to be more in control and track their spending.

5.  Authentic Possession of In-Game Assets: The best part of blockchain technology in games is ownership. Players through smart contracts can own these assets, unlike non-blockchain games where players make purchases but are not owners. Blockchain gives players ownership of assets, the assets are transferred to public addresses if players and no one else can change this ownership. Blockchain games like Axie Infinity permit players to play with NFTs, these can be bought and sold to other players. 

Blockchain games

6. Players’ security: Blockchain uses strong data encryption in technology like public keys and smart contract codes. These encrypted codes are extremely difficult or nearly impossible for hackers to hack these accounts. Moreover, a Block network is decentralized which means they do not have a said authority in control, so hackers will not be able to destroy the network. So, players can manage their in-game assets and purchases in a secure environment. 

7. Authorizing Players: Blockchain permits players more power, control, and security fuelling the gaming industry. Gamers who want to build their careers in gaming, find passion in gaming or spend a significant amount of time in gaming can earn through ownership transfer, selling assets, and more. They will have more controlled and extravagant attributes to enjoy gaming. Such as blockchain gaming Nine Chronicles permits players with mechanisms like Arena battling, governing, crafting, mining and trading with Ethereum. 

8. Universal Accessibility: Blockchain games permit players across the globe to share in-game assets, sell and purchase at higher value without an issue of boundaries like country taxes and accessibility. Players from different parts of the world can access the same in-game controls through blockchain. 

9. Players’ control: Blockchain permits players with more control and power over their gaming experience. To enhance the gaming attributes and overall experience, players have more control. Such as more upgraded attributes, monetising their assets, setting mechanism rules to their owned assets, and more engaging content.


These are the top 9 benefits of using blockchain technology in gaming. Many companies have already adopted the technology into their gaming while some are planning to launch. With the blockchain technology attributes adopted by the gaming community, blockchain assets will add more value to games. The above-mentioned merits state how effective and safe it can be to add blockchain games. 


Gamers are excited and more than ready to traverse blockchain gaming and its united attributes. 

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