Mobile game art design and development has been seeing some real transformation. Being a dynamic sector, game designers can develop and modify games keeping in mind the current demand. The best part of the gaming industry is that one can always come up with creativity in the enormous ecosystem of game development.

Growth of the Mobile Game industry in 2021

With the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a huge change that can be found in the gaming industry. The lockdown phase has compelled people to enjoy more and more games at home. Thus we see a steady rise in the gaming population in India from 2020.

For many, mobile games serve as a form of entertainment and recreation. It also brings people closer and allows them to spend time in virtual social spaces from anywhere in the world.

The demand for games is a great opportunity for mobile game development companies as they can come up with different games of various genres and levels. This also opens up many job opportunities for game designers and developers as well as game analysts.

Current Trends in The Gaming Industry

The rise in the gaming sector for the constant demand has paved the way for mobile game art outsourcing. Before you venture into this sector to chase your passion for gaming and give a boost to your career, let’s find out the latest trend in 2021.

  • Mobile Social- The term ‘mobile social’ is not a new thing. Every mobile game user knows about getting social on gaming platforms. It is the one big reason for the growth of the gaming sector. Games have become a platform for fostering community and friendship online. Players can chat and make friends and a group. No matter wherever one belongs, mobile social has brought the world even closer. Therefore mobile game art outsourcing service providers can create games keeping in mind the demand for hangout zones in a game. Adding more decorations and elements can make the game player-friendly and is also a great way to monetization.
  • Match and Puzzle Domain– evolution in games is a great way to modify and upgrade the existing one. The addition of meta-layers is the current favourite among game developers. Games like Gardenscapes and Homescapes projects are a huge hit with different layers of designs, levels and new features or elements. The Makeover genre is also seeing a creative evolution, combining home decor makeover and fashion makeover games. Mobile game art outsourcing companies can combine the narrative layers along with the level collection, getting stars and more. No matter how competitive this genre is, developers can always have something to innovate.
  • Virtual Reality– When it comes to gaming virtual reality is quite an exotic thing for the audience. Gamers get to enjoy an immersive experience. The Playstation VR, HTC Vive are getting popular day by day being two of the most interesting and mind-blowing VR games. One of the best ways to enhance your gaming business is by introducing compatible and cost-effective VR game apps. Soon enough VR is actually going to be the next big thing in the gaming industry for sure.
  • Wearable Games– The focus of wearable has now changed from being only health and fitness to creative gaming technology. This is a big trend that will soon take the entire gaming sector under its influence. The wearable gaming platform will not only help people cut screen time, but it will also be a great way to social interaction. So a mobile game development company in India can explore this innovative technology to bring a breakthrough.
  • Remaking Old Games– Who doesn’t love childhood games? Remaking old games is a great start for game development. The best part is that you can attract a large mass with the modified old games as many love to connect with the older self and reminisce about their childhood days. Grownups should be the targets as such games will act as a trip down memory lane for them.
  • Cross-platform Games– With the advent of cloud gaming, cross-platform games are increasing. Game developers will get a wide range of audience as such games offer flexible gaming experiences even without expensive PS4 or Xbox. There is going to be a rise in cross-platform games in the upcoming years which is why it is the perfect trend to follow.

If you want to establish yourself as a successful game art designer or developer, now is the best time to start. Just stay focused and informed about the latest trends. Set your mind for innovations that will bring people of different countries together in the gaming session.

As gaming has become one of the primary ways of self-expression and interaction for millennials, you can only expect it to get more popular soon. Just pick the trend that you want to see in the future and keep going.



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