You should have definitely known and played the game Super Mario. You could notice some basic but really cute graphics, excellent motion animations, and a few standard colour combinations. But if you had taken a closer look at the game credits at the end, you should be aware of the fact that only 32 people have worked in the game’s development! – Game Outsourcing Studio.

Just like the example of Super Mario, going a few years back, the notion of game development was basic and limited to only a few people. The size was small and the demand for the games’ necessity was also minimal. However, today, with the advent of innovations such as artificial intelligence, VR and AR, 3D animation, etc. we have games that are quite addictive and super fun to spend time with. So, the total demand for hiring a game art studio or agency has hiked up.

8 Prime Reasons for Game Art Studio Outsourcing

Moving with time and technology, recruiting a game outsourcing studio is one of the wisest choices. And here are solid reasons for the same.

1. New Technologies:

From the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation ones, we are now playing games in a transformed world. Booming technologies such as facial recognition, gesture control, wearable gaming, etc. are hitting the industries. In that case, outsourcing your needs is the only best way to reach out to get international expertise and turn your game into a hit.

2. Talented Resources:

Once upon a time, game development was confined only to the in-house team. There were not so many professionals involved in the results. But today, game development is a big space. Right from the design and development to the drafting and execution, there are many key experts. Finding all such talented human professionals is possible through game art outsourcing.

3. Brainstorming:

You might have specific requirements for your game development project. However, when you do it in-house or from multiple sources, then you might get what you expect. Results not beyond that. This is not the case when you outsource from an experienced brand. Because few vendors also brainstorm and offer exclusive options apart from what you need, such as:

  • Third-party web services integration.
  • Marketing Plan and reaching out to users.
  • Creation of Game Design Document (GDD)
  • Advertising framework.
  • Social media integration.

4. Progress Tracking:

The game development process is a tedious and critical one. You might find it difficult to manage all the steps involved in each development stage. But when you work closely with an end-to-end game development agency, you will have better progress on your results. Even the entire process could turn as seamless and straightforward as it sounds.

5. Key is Communication:

Communication is the key to any project’s success. And when it comes to game development, each and every step matters for correct results. If you provide your requirements to various companies simultaneously, the chances are likely that the quality might be hampered. But when you outsource the project to a reliable partner, then your outcome would be adored by both you and your target gamers.

6. Legal Security Protocols:

When it comes to game development, there is a higher risk of leaking your vital information on the web or to any other third parties. But when you outsource the requirement to an authentic, certified game development company, then you are legally protected. Meaning, they would have signed the NDA and hence rest assured that your game and its data are protected, both during and after the project completion.

7. Best Indian Outsourcing:

Now, if you are quite confused about where and how to start your search for game art studio outsourcing, then begin it from India. While many other countries quote a high fee for the development, it is around $10-$25/per hour in India. Of course, you can still rely on the quality and attractiveness of the game. UX, UI, and more such technical parameters are well-balanced in the Indian game development scenario, even for an affordable outsourcing cost.

8. Localization or Translation:

You need to attract the right target audience (gamers) to generate revenue. Businesses of today’s generation are focusing on more than one country and language. If that is your scenario too, then translating and localization play the key role. And by outsourcing Your requirements, you can find translators and native linguists from other countries easily, even without much networking skills.


Game development has evolved a long way since the past decades. Today, companies are handling complex animation needs and high volume projects. Yet, they should also meet up with the incoming technologies in their results. For that, make the best use of game art outsourcing. There are so many perks that a company could gain if they try finding and recruiting professionals from a game outsourcing studio. The benefits include easy progress tracking, one-way communication, budget-friendliness (especially in India), brainstorming as a consultation, translation &localization, innovation, and more.

And if you still need help to get you a reliable, experienced, and licensed game art outsourcing studio, then do ring at +91 80 23600107. The gamification experts here will assist you with your requirements and promise high-quality results that you and your users and gamers will get addicted to. You can freely mail in your questions or discussions at and we will connect with you in short!

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