3D Game Art Character

Important Stages of Creating HD 3D Game Art Character

Video games have captured the imagination of people like no other domain. Its extensive features, life-like characters and fascinating visuals continue to draw people in droves. Most of these games feature 3D characters and objects that add life to the animation. A 3D game art outsourcing studio can help to design and define high definition […]

Top 10 Game Development Trends in 2021

The gaming industry has seen a great change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s a huge increase in the number of mobile-users-turned-gamers while staying at home during the lockdown. After all, gaming is more fun and interactive for many than web series and movies. What is The Future of The Gaming Industry? With the rise […]

Pillars of Successful Game Design

The gaming design and video game concept art industry are undergoing a paradigm shift. Cloud gaming is slowly overtaking traditional PC gaming. As streaming technologies increase in speed, volume, and fidelity, the annoyances of PC gaming will be superseded by cloud gaming positives. Every year gaming consoles are receiving numerous upgrades. PlayStation and Xbox Series […]

Game Animation

How Game Animation is Different from Movie Animation

Animation is the art of creating an illusion of movement by showcasing a sequence of successive drawings, models or puppets. In today’s digital world, Animation has become the buzzword. This has encouraged the setting up of numerous art outsourcing companies. Be it mobile game art outsourcing or video game concept art, these types of companies […]

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