The game’s building blocks come down to graphics which decide what type of experience the players would get to have while playing. From the ear of Mario, a 2d game, to the battleground action game, a 3d game, gaming has evolved a lot. In this evolution, graphics have become more realistic than ever. For a gamer, graphics is the foremost preference as it submerges the players into an experience that they are in that game while playing. 

Now, You surely would have seen multiple 2d and 3d games and would even have played isometric games without knowing it. However, it would be surprising to know that isometric games differ then the 2d and 3d in a unique manner that makes them more advantageous. Are they 4d or 5d? Well, the simplest answer would be, No. So, what exactly are Isometric games, and how are they much more valuable?  For that, you can continue reading.

What is Isometric Game?

Do you remember the old 2000s era? Well, that’s exactly when these isometric games were the go-to for most RPGs and first-person shooter games. At that time, 3D was not much of a thing; these were the only games that gave a player experience of 3D while still being 2D. Yes, you heard it right! Isometric games are much like 2.5D as they are 2D but look 3rd, which provides players with a fantastic experience. 

Now the question may arise how it’s possible? Well, isometric games are just a play of graphics that provide a 3D experience through parallel projection. The game remains 2D, but the camera angle of the game is placed in a way that provides the user with a 3D experience. 

In layman’s terms, it’s a brilliant trick that is taken into use by many top Indian game development companies to convince players they are playing 3rd games. 2D game companies use these isometric graphics to create games that provide an engaging experience to players. 

Why Are Isometric Graphics Crucial for Video Games?

Isometric graphics are way more crucial than they look! How? The point to notice here is that the games are not 3D, meaning there is no need to render or scale the games. If you have played any 3rd RPG or FPS games before, you would know they take too much load to process. With the use of isometric graphics, this load is reduced immensely. 

The computers don’t have to process heavy loads making the game more power efficient. For example, devices even with low specs would be able to run these games more smoothly. In comparison, playing 3D games on low-spec devices is only possible because of the heavy optimisation done by developers. However, more is needed, as players still face a lot of frame drops and lag while playing. 

How Isometric Games Will Benefit Developers?   

The main benefit of the Isometric games squares up to the overall game performance, which is much better in some ways. The calculation of the objects and item sizes is eliminated as there is no distortion in perspective because of parallel projection. Furthermore, accurate lines can be drawn, and camera angles are fixed, eliminating the need to manage multiple views and making the process fast.

Even some of the top game companies in India make these isometric games that players like to play. Animation outsourcing is another benefit, as the art of the games can easily be outsourced, which allows fast development. Some other benefits include the following:

  • Great Textures 
  • Easy changing environment 
  • Quick and efficient development
  • Eliminates the need to model, render or scale 
  • Fast development with animation outsourcing

An All-time List Of The Best Isometric Video Games

Players nowadays are attracted towards games with realistic graphics and unique concepts as everyone wants some fantastic experience that feels real. In these demands, Isometric games lose their craze if they are not well-equipped with great art/graphics. However, even in this tough competition, a few games are still liked by many gamers.  Here are some of the top tier Isometric video games:

  • Hatred
  • Divinity: Original Sin
  • Diablo 2
  • Age of Empires II
  • Fallout 2
  • WarCraft 
  • The Ascent 
  • Pillars of Eternity II
  • Clash of Clans
  • The Sims 4

Isometric games are some of the most nostalgic ways of making games but are still crucial for making smooth 3D alike games. There is still a considerable fanbase that likes to play these Isometric games. Players will be willing to play even Isometric games if you have an engaging game concept with fabulous graphics.

A better example of this is Clash of Clans, an old mobile game that, to this date, is played by humongous amounts of players. Are you also looking to make your game fantastic? If you are, reach out to ZVKY Design for outsourcing some of the top tire game art for your game from a leading game art studio in Asia. 

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