Art is mostly associated with painting, sculptures, illustrations and performing art forms like dance, drama, and more. But do you know that video games are also a form of art? – Art and Animation

Throughout the world, gaming has become a passion among many for the versatility it offers. You can create what your imagination holds and that is what art is. In today’s digital world, where games have gone to a different level with advanced technology, you can truly experience artistic expression.

Relation Between Art and Games

If art allows people to understand emotions and experience something beautiful, then video games are also a form of art. Gamers throughout the world put a lot of effort into bringing out the best using their creativity. Video games project the creator’s views to the world. Perception is the biggest factor in a video game. Plus, there is a story that becomes almost true to the players.

Thus, one has to understand the plot type, the theme of the game and the genre before saying that a game is not art. Some games are full of visual art and sound effects that you will experience a mind-blowing piece of art.

Video game concept art is all about showing something unique and fascinating.

Why Consider Games As A Form Of Art?

  1. Creates Stories– One of the biggest beauty of any art form is the power to create a unique story. When you see a painting you find a story in it that comes to your mind. Similarly, a video game with a story that engulfs the player’s mind. Depending on the genre such as fantasy, adventure or thriller, the game plot changes and each has its own story to captivate the players.
  2. Conveys Emotions– Games can express emotions of the human mind. Players get absorbed into the game world when the story connects emotionally. Certain dialogues, musical scores and scenic animation, emotion factor is given to the epic video games.
  3. Musical Elements– No video game feels real and interesting without music that lingers on. An action-packed video will have fast-paced music, whereas a fantasy game will have a magical sound effect. The very concept of implementing music at the right place and choosing the genre-specific music for a video game is an art form. Every game outsourcing studio understands the importance of sound effects and music over video games.You can talk to the best game developers in India and learn more about how to implement music to video games.
  4. Illustrations & Modelling– The use of 3D modelling and illustrations to create real-like animations is more than just art. It is the best opportunity for the game artist to show their creative skills where they use colour palettes, textures, and different features to form a great canvas of expressions. Ask any animation outsourcing company and they will tell you how illustrations and modelling are the two most essential parts of gem designing.
  5. Personal Connection– In a video game players find a different world where they connect and find personal experience. What one player will feel will be very different from the other. The perspective changes based on the emotional levels and imagination of those who play. This is why a game has three distinct voices and they are of the creator, the game itself and of the player. So definitely games are a form of art that requires one’s perspective.
  6. Character Development– No video game is complete without characters. The characters are what takes the story forward and increase the thrill. This is why game creators spend so much time building strong and interesting characters that will hook players.

Popular Examples to Prove Video Game Is Art

  • Bioshock Infinite– You cannot deny the musical beauty along with the watercolor palette and the charming decor of the city of this game. It is definitely a very creative video game that comes with relatable characters and real-world development. Players love the fantastic use of layers and effects that have been used.
  • The Walking Dead– There is no denying that this is a popular game for so long for its thrilling and emotional story besides the strong visual effects. This game is all about the journey and the story unfolds emotions and feelings. The intense music and emotional theme make this game a perfect entertainer.
  • Beyond Good & Evil– If you love an enthralling atmosphere, this is it. This game uses amazing colour effects. The theme takes place on an imaginative planet where you find hybrids of humans and animals. The entire game is a mindblowing journey through charming creatures and horrible monsters.
  • Oxenfree- If you want to get amazed by the amazing work of art and creativity, Oxenfree is just the right video game. The island theme with the watercolor effect gives a mystical experience. The characters are loving and versatile and the storyline has been beautifully designed.
  • Abzu- Another hot favorite among short game lovers is the Abzu. In this game, you become a part of the ocean world as a mysterious diver. You get carried away by the colour scheme, effects and the entire atmosphere.
  • Shadow of the Colossus– One of the obvious choices is the Shadow of the Colossus. It is a gem that features a cinematic soundtrack and excellent effects to make it look realistic. If the graphics of this game doesn’t take your breath away, then what else will?

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for video game development by the finest creators with all the art and science components, ZVKY can help you there. It is a game studio that offers games art services and outsources next level game development.


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