Over time, the gaming industry started expanding its capabilities, offering the players more pleasure through their favourite games. However, developing a game is a team effort, which often most gaming companies lack. 

Therefore, most gaming companies prefer hiring a team dedicated to the imagination and development of the games. The outsourcing companies offer complete support right from game designing to post-launch.

7 Successful Qualities of Professional Game Art Outsourcing Companies

Developing a video game involves coding, programming, designing, sound effects, engineering and developing. Enlisted are the essential qualities you must look for while hiring 3D game development companies

Knowledge of different game genres

Knowing multiple game genres is a unique skill set. Today, the prominent 2D and 3D games have changed the gameplay. Players’ actions and reactions depend on the game’s genre. Most gaming outsourcing companies design and develop a variety of genres, including:

  • Role-playing games or RPGs
  • Simulation 
  • Puzzle 
  • Slot games
  • Strategy games

Therefore, it is crucial for game developers to have experience in multiple genres.


Game development does not limit the use of the right tools, ideas and strategy execution. It also includes scouting the right people that work together with the other team members. Undoubtedly, players are different in their work styles, perspective and skillset. Therefore, you must understand an outsourcing company’s team size and structure and realize its vision.


The gaming experience remains incomplete if your favourite mobile game lacks creativity and fun. Being the best mobile game development company in India and USA, ZVKY always develops games loved by all age groups. Ensure that the team of professionals must be able to ignite passion and creativity in the project. A game becomes successful only when the players find themselves completely immersed in the gameplay. 

Art, design, graphics, sound and content skills are significant for developing unforgettable games that people have loved playing over the years. Ensure that the outsourcing company’s creativity matches their technical abilities for creating exciting games for their existing and new players. 


Data protection and privacy are essential concerns when hiring an outsourcing company. Ensure that the agency you are outsourcing the projects to is a professional. You also need to ensure that they would not compromise a client’s trust. For data protection and privacy, the outsourcing company enters into a contract containing the company’s policies and security guidelines.

Communication skills 

Communication is essential for collaboration. It helps you remain on track and ensure the smooth flow of a project. Therefore, while selecting 2D game companies, see if you had effective communications. It will help you give feedback and receive updates on the project’s progress.

Ongoing support 

Players often experience poor design, crashes and bugs while playing games. Of course, these are frustrating and make or break a game instantly. Ensure that your games are free from bugs and crashes. Often players find and report new bugs during their gameplay. Therefore, the outsourcing company must be able to offer ongoing support whenever required.

Timely delivery

The game outsourcing agency must understand and value the time. There must be no gap between the project expectation and the delivery. It is essential to maintain documentation about the details of the project. It includes the features, deliverables, outlook, and timeframes. A highly professional agency must be able to deliver the project within the promised timeline.

Why Choose ZVKY as a Professional Game Outsourcing Service Provider?

Founded in 2009 and located in the silicon valley of India, ZVKY Design Studio emerged as a leading game art outsourcing studio in Asia. They have a decade of experience serving their clients with 2D animation and art, 3D game art, development services, and integration solutions across all platforms. 

The studio’s professional team comprises highly talented juggernauts in animation, art, design and development. Throughout these years, they created over 350 games and mobile applications.

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