Animation is the art of creating an illusion of movement by showcasing a sequence of successive drawings, models or puppets. In today’s digital world, Animation has become the buzzword. This has encouraged the setting up of numerous art outsourcing companies. Be it mobile game art outsourcing or video game concept art, these types of companies play a major role in making animation an important aspect of the gaming and cinema industry.

Types of Animation:

A plethora of techniques are available to add variation to the art of animation. The most commonly used techniques include:

  • Digital 3D: This technique is involved in creating and manipulating 3D models digitally. This is one of the fastest and easiest techniques to create animation.
  • Stop-Motion: This technique makes use of models and frames simultaneously. Clay models are created and frames are captured one by one by moving the models to different frames. This technique is however pretty time consuming.
  • Mechanical: In the mechanical technique, the stop motion technique is applied with the help of machines. This helps in automation and speedy recording
  • Puppetry: This technique makes use of puppets showcasing different expressions and looks. The effects created are then captured with the Stop –Motion technique.

Some of the other animation techniques include Traditional/Classical 2D, Digital 2D, Claymation, Zoetrope, Cut-Out, Sand, Paint-on-Glass, Pin-Screen, Typography and Drawn-on-Film.

How does animation work?

The art of animation aims at creating an appearance of movement by using different combinations of images, 3D objects and computer programs, thereby creating an optical illusion. By using a sequence or succession of images, it aims at helping the brain interpret the sequence as a continuous motion. Sounds are also added to enhance the effect of animation.

Animation in Games:

Gaming revolves around important parameters like the concept, characters, body mechanics, camera offering multiple angles, sound effects, levels offered and interaction. A game must satisfy all these criteria in order to become widely popular among gamers. Game animations are generally used to showcase fantasy, scripted events or maneuvers. Every game developer must ensure that the game developed is gamer-friendly. Several art sourcing companies in Bangalore offer mobile game art outsourcing and video game concept art. With the help of these companies, game animation can be created with ease and perfection.

Animation in Movies:

Movie animation comprises 3 stages: Pre-production, production and post-production. Animation in movies displays one angle at a time. The animation process in movie making involves, converting concepts to a story, choosing characters and background designs, shooting in accordance with the sequence, working on camera angles, adjusting lighting, adding sound effects and dialogues and finally doing audio and video editing.

Game & Movie Animation – A comparison

Criteria Game Animation Movie Animation
Knowledge of programming Programming knowledge is required Programming knowledge is not required
Control Animators have limited control, as animation depends on user input Animators have total control of the movie
Interaction Games are interactive in nature Movies are non-interactive in nature
Environments Environments are interconnected to each other Off-screen environment does not matter
Limitations Gaming animation is limited to hardware capabilities Movie Animation has limited technical difficulties

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