What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your favourite video game? Is it the game’s name or that of its creators or some other aspects? For most people, the answer is likely to be the visuals. Visuals appeal to the human mind and tend to stick to it for a longer duration. No wonder, social media platforms rely heavily on visuals to attract people’s attention.

Same goes in the case of the video games. The top game art outsourcing companies go an extra length to ensure that the visuals of the game appease the public. When the game makes a strong impression visually, it is more likely to become popular among the gaming crowd.

Understanding Game Art Design

Owing to the role that visuals play, a crucial step in the game development process these days is the artwork and designing. In simple words, game art design relates to all the artistic inputs that go into making a game. Right from making sketches of characters and scenes based on the concept to its actualisation on the screens, much of it is covered under the umbrella of the game art design.

However, only a handful of gamers actually know about this behind the screen story. Most people are barely aware of the role of art and designing plays in their final experience. Still, others believe in popular myths surround the gaming industry.

Debunking the Common Myths

To give the game art designing the credit that they are worthy of, here are some common myths debunked for you:

Gaming Art Does Not Require Professional Artists

One of the most common myths surrounding the game art designing is that it does not require professional experts. People think that game arts can be easily created if one has access to some good modelling software or three-dimensional tools. But that is totally wrong. Even with the best tools, you cannot make a compelling visual unless you have a sense of colour, techniques and the like.

Only professional artists who have sufficient experience in the like can satisfy these requirements while expressing their creative best. Small studios that cannot engage a separate designing team often depend on game outsourcing studio to meet their designing and art needs.

Colour Scheme Is Not An Important Consideration

Another myth that often does its rounds among people is that so long as the creation is good, the colour scheme does not matter. That is wholly untrue. As mentioned earlier, visuals are the first element recognised by your brain. So when the visuals are pleasing, you are surely attracted to the game. And good visuals can never exist without a balanced colour scheme.

No Time Needed For Pre-Production

Many game developers give in to this myth and skip pre-production to jump directly into the assets. True skipping pre-production can hasten the process and save your money. But in the long run, it may affect your productivity. Pre-production gives the design team a chance to analyse and modify their creation as per the latest trends.

The overall looks of the game and how it feels can also be improved by spending time in the pre-production stage. So skipping this stage can cost you a lot in the long run.

Only The Game-Play Is Vital

Did you know gameplay comes much after the visuals and the arts? Yes! When you launch a new game in the market, the first important point is to encourage people to try it out. In this phase, visuals are of chief importance. When the visuals and graphics are good, players will naturally want to try out your game.

It is only after they try out the game that gameplay is discovered by them.

UI Designs Need Not Be Stressed On

Would you like to play a game that is difficult to understand or has poor navigation? The answer is most likely to be negative. This speaks volumes about the importance of UI. Quality UI can increase the accessibility of the game, along with its various elements. If your game is complicated or involves a complex storyline, then stress needs to be played on the UI.

Cover Arts And Screenshots Are Merely Time-Waste

There are n numbers of games getting launched on different platforms each day. For a game to succeed, it is essential for it to stand out among the others. It is only when enough number of people plays it that it will translate into profit for you. Cover arts and screenshots help you to get that attention. With beautiful cover arts, more people are likely to buy your game.

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