[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you are into the gaming industry, you may have often come across the terms concept art or concept artist. Have you ever wondered who these artists are or what is the type of art that they create? If you have, here is your chance to learn all about them. Read on as this blog takes you in-depth into the world of concept artists and their creations.

What is Concept Art?

The first fundamental question that needs to be addressed if you are interested in this line is what concept art is. In simple words, concept art may be understood as a type of illustration that conveys a particular idea. It is usually used in comic books, video games, animation series, board games and the like.

However, the concept arts are not the final products in themselves. They are an intermediary used in the early stage of the visual development process. The various other artists, such as the 3d artist and the animation artists, use the video game concept art as their reference point to come up with the final version.

So if you come across a great character in your video game or animation movie, much of the credit goes to the concept artist. Given that concept arts are often the starting point of a project, they play a vital role in the success of the particular character or animation.

Who Are The Concept Artists?

Once you have understood what concept art is, the next point of focus is the concept artist. Like all other artists, concept artists are incredibly creative individuals who can think out of the box. Apart from that, they must also possess a keen eye for designs and visuals.

Concept artists usually specialise in a single element. While some are known for amazing characters, others are known for adding the background to those characters. Only a few highly skilled and experienced artists may be able to create characters, props and scenarios single-handedly.

Since a diverse range of qualifications is required in the field, there is always a huge demand for experienced and qualified video game concept artistsMuch of the revenue generated from a game comes from selling skins and props.

So if the concept artist is qualified, the gamers are more likely to get impressed by the creations. No wonder, some of the leading gaming studios worldwide are continually searching for talents in their concept art creation team.

Concept Artists as Product Creators

The work of a concept artist can, in many respects, be compared to that of a product designer. For product designers, the end-users are of the highest importance. Keeping these users in mind, the product designers go through each step of their creation. Similarly, for the concept artists, the gamers are the chief consumers. It is their tastes, likes and dislikes that guide the entire creation process.

So, unlike the gallery artist, you will not get a lot of freedom in your artwork as a concept artist. Yet freedom here does not really translate as limitations. You will still get to express your unique creative style, only in a more structured manner. The concept of artists who have worked and excelled in this line can vouch that they still enjoy their work just as much as the other artists.

Various Types of Concept Art

As is already evident from the discussion, concept art can be of various types. Take a look at some of the most in-demand styles of concept art:

Environment Art

One of the significant sub-categories of concept art is the environment art. Environment art chiefly deals with creating backgrounds or landscapes, where the actions take place. You will have to possess a sense of architectural designs along with a keen eye for observing the surroundings. You will also need to keep in mind the general atmosphere or the mood that the project demands.

Weapon Art

In most of the mobile game concept art, weapons are significantly in demand. Weapons and tools require a great amount of precision for the designs to look realistic. Knowledge of industrial designing is helpful to succeed in this line. Many artists use 3D software to make their creations.

Character Art

In this category, creating compelling characters and interesting creatures is the focal point. For character concept art, you will have to be familiar with human and animal anatomy. From terrifying monsters to pretty looking anime characters, all are produced by concept artists who specialise in character art.

Vehicle Art

Vehicles are now an inalienable part of video games. Designing them requires knowledge of automobiles and aircraft. This is handled by concept artists who specialise in vehicle art.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit to creativity. Concept artists are really passionate about their work can create a whole new world through their artwork. To get in touch with the best talents in the line, head to ZVKY Design.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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