The gaming industry has seen a great change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s a huge increase in the number of mobile-users-turned-gamers while staying at home during the lockdown. After all, gaming is more fun and interactive for many than web series and movies.

What is The Future of The Gaming Industry?

With the rise in the population of gamers, many game development companies and game outsourcing studios have been compelled to come up with interesting and thrilling gaming experiences.

So, the future of game developers and professional game art outsourcing studios only seems promising. They can offer upgrades and impressive high-tech games to engage more games in the coming years.

But before venturing into the gaming industry, one must know the gaming statistics, best games to explore and the latest trends. These factors will contribute to go for the right kind of genre and hire the best game art outsourcing studio.

So, let us explore all the trends in game development that you should know.

VR Concept

Virtual Reality is nothing new. It is one of the most interesting game development trends to follow in 2021. It will offer the gamers an immersive experience. Some of the popular VR handsets are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Just make sure that you have planned for compatible hardware sets that will support VR games in the future.

Augmented Reality

AR needs no special mention as this feature is every game developer’s favorite. Most video game concept art developers use AR concepts for an enhanced and lucrative gaming experience.

Few devices known for AR games are PlayStation and Wii whose players use physical actions to take control of the environment of the games. This is a very desirable technique that goes well with action-packed fast paced games such as fighting games, sports and mission games.

It is expected that AR can be used in different genres if the gaming platform, animation and plot suit the technology.

Social Media Integration

People love to stay online on social platforms and create engagements. And games have become the new love for people to interact, make friends and build a community of fellow gamers in the same genre. Gamers are looking for people to invite and increase engagement. Thus, developing games that provide a great platform for interaction and social chats is a big trend that will also boost the game’s popularity.

Voice Recognition

This is not a fully explored area. Game developers can use this technique to change the concept of user interface and game control. If you are planning for a VR-enabled fast-paced game, voice recognition is the best technology to implement.

Face Recognition

Another interesting trend in 2021 is face recognition technology. People will love to enjoy a game when they find players liking their faces. This is done using 3D technology and is already a popular trend for many game developers and animation outsourcing companies. So, you can definitely use it to your advantage in game development.

Cross-platform Games

Not everyone can afford an Xbox or PS4. This is why players are always looking for cross-platform games where they can choose their platform and have a wide range of audiences too. Since this demand is increasing, you can expect more cross-platform games in the future.

Wearable Platform

Wearables more than a fitness tracker. They can be your next big thing in game development.

Take the famous game MadRat using wearable technology in SuperSuit. Such games are going to be more popular in the near future as more millennials adapt to wearables. The best part of wearables is that it increases interaction and reduces the screen-time of a person. So, it is a great technology to implement in game development.

Multiplayer Games

One of the reasons why people love to play multiplayer games is that it allows them to interact with their friends and family while playing. They can share their gaming experience, winnings and scores. Creating a new game with multiplayer features may be daunting but it will be rewarding in the end to increase usability and popularity.

Cloud Platform Games

With the advent of cloud technology, many game developers are now into cloud game streaming. Such games will exist in cloud centers which means players need not download games or transform the devices to support the games. Gamers can always remain connected to the cloud platform for impressive and immersive entertainment.


Game developers can expect 5G to bring a drastic advancement in the gaming process and technologies. 5G will reduce latency and will allow console games on mobile which means mobile users can play varieties of games. You can prepare to take the advantage of 5G to come up with new level games.

Final Verdict:

Independent games and game developing companies must understand the players’ demands before delving into any trend. However, you can always expect realistic, collaborative and multiplayer engaging games to win the race.

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