Do you love to play video games? Does it interest you how the life-like characters are created? Well, this is what we call low poly game characters, and they are mostly 3D in nature. These characters are one of the primary reasons why your gaming experience increases manifold and it becomes so much more realistic. The name itself might suggest that a low poly character is based on polygons and it is a developed form of video game concept art.

What Is a Low Poly Character?

Before we learn how exactly a game outsourcing studio brings forth a low poly character, you must understand what a low poly character is. In the simplest terms, a low poly character is more of a polygon mesh. The only factor to be weighed in is that it has to be done in 3D computer graphics, and the number of polygons involved is quite less in number. A low poly character can be created precisely out of any 3D figure, which gives it an artistic makeover. However, to do that, technical knowledge of software is very important and has to be put into consideration. It is where the work of a professional game art studio comes in, and they ensure that more precise low poly figures are created for gaming purposes.

What makes Low Poly Character Important in Game Designing?

Some of the best reasons why you should consider low poly characters while developing games is:

  • Artistic: It gives off a very rustic and artistic touch to your games. This means that the games will have a unique and creative design, which makes the games more realistic and appealing to the masses.
  • Time And Cost Efficient: Despite developing real-time models, the concept of low poly models is extremely time-effective and cost-friendly. The time required to develop a low poly model is quite less when compared to the real tech models, and hence you can expect much more efficiency. It is the primary reason why most game development companies in India prefer to have a low poly model Centric game.

How To Create A Low Poly Character?

The artistic tinge of low poly characters makes it quite appealing and many people who are in love with this kind of game aspire to build the low poly characters themselves. There are two tools that you can use to make your low poly character. One is Blender and the other one is SketchUp. In case, you want to go for a more complex design, it is better to choose Blender as it can handle more polygons when compared to Sketchup.

  • The first step is to launch Sketchup/Blender and open the 3D model. We would need the Artisan plugin, which is a set of tools that lets you generate, alter, and optimize organic structures. Using the ‘reduce polygons’ and subdivide mesh,’ we can reduce or increase the number of polygons in the mesh.
  • Once you’ve selected the complete model and clicked reduce polygons, a window option will pop up asking for the mesh’s percent reduction. The lower the proportion, the more noticeable the low-poly effect of our item will be. Play with the percentage values until you’re happy with the outcome. It is best not to use the same tool on one figure twice, and you can also go back to the original 3D model by tapping on ctrl+Z.

The process for both Blender/Sketcheup is quite similar, only that the tools have a different name.

Trust Only The Experts for Low Poly Development Models.

ZVKY Design Studio is one of the leading game development studios in India that excel in producing low poly models. So, contact them and get the best models crafted for your games and that too at pocket-friendly prices.

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