Concept art is a creative process that is behind every impressive game. Without concept creation, there will be no game development. It is nothing but the idea itself that helps the game developers to visualize the entire mobile games. Plus, the concept is the basis to market the game as per its genre and target audience.

The concept comprises the game plan, how you want your players to think and understand and how it will make money in the game industry. In short, it is the task of the concept artist to create something that will yield benefits for the game world. Therefore one must rely upon an experienced game development team with a professional video game concept artist.

What’s The Core Idea of a Game Concept?

Game concept art presents the game idea primarily along with character and theme ideas and other necessary aspects such as the style, game description, storyline and key elements of the theme.

When an artist learns about the core of a game plan, it helps them to identify the pros and cons of the development. Also, players get the right vision that aligns with the concept artist’s idea.

How Is Concept Different From Illustration?

There’s always a confusion between concept art and illustrations. Many mistakenly think that these two are the same. But they are not. Concept is all about collecting ideas and representing them for the game team to work upon. Illustration on the other hand is the work that one does on finished projects and not on base materials.

Essential Things Concept Artists Should Know

A concept artist must know the financial factor of a particular game. From funding the projects to ROI, a concept artist must keep the financial aspects of the game in mind. If your concept art video game projects cannot find investors, then it is not a subject to attract the gaming industry. Therefore you should have a clear idea of the concept and how it can fetch positive feedback and make money. A concept artist should make a game that is realistic in terms of attracting players. Also, the concept artist must find a way to cut the additional costs to create a game.

The next thing that a concept artist needs to understand is how the art & development team will execute the project. You need to discuss with the art team so that they can design the concept as per your idea. If there are things that the art team finds difficult to accomplish, you must modify the concept or change it accordingly. This means the concept artist has to take the art team’s input into account. For instance, if your concept theme is about an epic fantasy game, there could be designs that are not realistic for the game designers. In that case, you may have to change the idea to fit the budget and design limits.

Role Of Concept Artist

Every well-known mobile game art outsourcing company has a professional concept artist whose imagination and creativity are the foundation of a game. A concept artist is the one who visualizes and brainstorms an idea and helps the art team to produce the game as a successful project. A concept artist must be able to understand a client’s specific needs and also meet their vision.

In a video game, you see various elements such as characters, landscapes, buildings, clothes, animals and more. All these are the creation of the concept artist in the first place. It is their responsibility to build a strong background for a game and draw the concept with precision to give the art director and the game designers a detailed idea on the project.

This is the most crucial stage as at this point concept artists have to focus on every minute details of the characters and other elements of the concept. The careful drawing is the basis for all 2D and 3D modelling. Without visual representation of the concept the game designers will not be able to create the modelling.

Once the modelling is done, the concept artist provides correct feedback of the work done by the 2D or 3D modeler. Thus a concept artist has to work closely with a game development team from scratch.

Some of the highlights of the role of a concept artist in a concept art studio are:

Design the project plan and collaborate with the team to execute it.

Research thoroughly as per the client’s requirements and the project theme.

Creating fast sketches of the concept to help the development team with the project.

Briefing about the style, theme, characters and storyline of the game to the entire game development team.

Reviewing the project at every stage and giving feedback for modification or changes.

Develop different elements of the game as per the client’s feedback.

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