Every popular mobile game or video game originates from unique concept art. It is a simple yet profound idea that can create a marvelous game and hit the market. Thus concept art is the basis of all game developments. Without concept art, the entire game development world will never exist.

What is concept art for games?

A concept is imagination or idea that helps the game developers to visualize the game. It is the first thought that pops up in the mind before the creation of an epic game. Although the concept, in the beginning, only conveys a vague idea, still it is the major component. If a game developer cannot conceptualize the game art, there will be no developments.

When there is a leaked image of concept art for video games it becomes the hottest topic to discuss on the internet about. Most fans will go crazy on the brief glimpse of any part of the game concept. This is a great technique used by game developers to popularise the game and attract potential fans with pre-release trailers to create hype.

Who Are Video Games Concept Artists?

A video game concept artist is a person who is responsible for the entire style and theme of the game. They sketch the ideas and plans for the different characters of a particular game.

Major Components of Game Concept Art

Every game developer must focus on the major components of game concept art. These are:

Character Developments:

Depending upon the concept the theme of the game is decided. Once the theme is selected the next important step is to get the characters built. The character building is based on various themes such as realistic art, casual or cartoon style themes. From the motions of the characters to how they will react in every situation, the concept of art has to determine everything and create accordingly.

If the concept artist has greater knowledge of anatomical features of animals and humans, it will help them develop realistic characters even if they do not exist. The characters will become attractive and interesting if the artist’s mind creates them with passion and better understanding.

To make the game a life-like world, game developers need to take inspiration from true life events or characters.

Theme & Environment 

Another major component is the environments or the landscapes required for game development.

With the implementation of the video game concept art, both 2D and 3D environments can be created. This includes location, landscape and theme. If the theme of the game is about a water adventure sport, it should have a landscape with water bodies. The concept art design makes the game engaging and players can truly feel the vibe of the theme and can have a realistic experience.

Weapon & Vehicle Concept 

If the game concept is about action-packed themes, weapons or vehicles will be the necessary components of the development. For realistic weapons and tools and vehicles, artists need to put a great deal of attention towards the precision of design. Various 3D software aids in the creation of realistic weapon and vehicle concepts.

Thus various concept art studios have experts who can develop flawless designs and art for vehicles and weapons.

Creating Props

Props are an integral part of the video or mobile games irrespective of the theme and characters. The props can better enhance the atmosphere of a game. The more objects; the better. Random objects or props if coded can give the players a realistic feel and look.

A great prop means the artist has to understand the angles so that the final projects become neat and visually impressive. This is why well-experienced concept artists are always in demand who can carefully design and conceptualize the idea of props in a game.

Any game art artist who wants to practice doing props must start with an idea that appeals to them. For example, if you like greenery, you can experiment with different types of trees, plants that will suit the game theme. Most importantly, the placement of a prop should be correct and at the desired place. The concept artist observes and then creates the frames keeping in mind where they should belong.

How To Start Game Concept Art?

Research Is the Key 

Everything starts with research. Without proper research, your concept will not turn into a successful game. Know what the trend is or what has been. Always develop your idea based on some foundation. Your design should be unique, but the source should be real and inspiring. Research before the concept development also helps artists to pick a genre that has ample scope to work upon.

Be Bold and Unconventional

Game creation or concept designing is a place where ideas and creativity brew every minute. There are innumerable amounts of ideas and imaginations that can be transformed into a mind-blowing game. But originality is the foremost thing. One should think unconventionally to create something truly unique and bold. If you want your concept art to become epic, take your imagination to the next level and go where not everyone will venture into it.

Finishing Stage Is Essential

The final stage of every game making is the most essential part. The artist must give minute attention to the layers, colors and texture. These elements add to the depth and illusion of the entire atmosphere. You need to keep the colors, brightness, effects and texture appropriate to the theme.

Wrapping Up:

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