Mobile marketing has eased advertising for most companies. They can now reach plenty of people at any given time with just an SMS or any other convenient marketing channel: email, push notifications, QR codes, Bluetooth, mobile apps, etc.

According to the infographic below, mobile marketing has is currently quite popular. With over 95% of people owning smartphones and spending 59% of their time on them, it is not wonder why.

Moreover, it’s a cheaper way of marketing compared to the traditional methods of using newspapers, radio, and TVs. Even startups with a constrained budget can benefit from its usage.

Many businesses are using it to run campaigns and promotions to market their products and services. For instance, Seattle Sun Tan salon generated about $200,000 from its text messaging offers and discounts campaign, and also gained 4.700 new mobile subscribers.

Dunkin’ Donuts used a text messaging promotion to drive traffic to its Boston stores, which led to a 21% increase in customers.

Additionally, app offers could be used to increase engagement and sales. For example, when IKEA launched its catalog app back in 2014 to enable shoppers to preview the furniture they intend to buy, 6.2 million people downloaded the app.

Also, ASDA supermarket chain created an online shopping app which accounts for 18% of all grocery sales made from home and also enjoys a higher shopping frequency that’s 1.8 times better than that of desktops.

However, some businesses have taken a different route by improving the functionality of mobile sites with advanced design and optimization.

For example, Walmart cut its site’s load time from 7.2 seconds to 2.3 seconds by changing the mobile website’s code, fonts, and images.

Another example is LBM who increased CTR by 89% and cut the cost per lead by half the price. It accomplished this by creating an optimized landing page along with a mobile-friendly form and a 24-hour phone call service.

To see how you can use mobile marketing to grow your business, check out the infographic below:


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