As the leading game art outsourcing company, ZVKY prioritises its clients’ needs and requirements. Your goals are our goals. We provide best-in-class 2D game art animation, 3D animation, character design, slot games art, hidden game art, UI/UX design, and other developmental services. Our expert team of developers, graphic designers, artists, and designers helps you visualize your dream into reality. We have cost-effective designs that are well-accommodated in the clients’ budget. Our approach is always transparent. We value our customers and their feedback to improvise.

We have designed more than 350 games in the past 12 years. ZVKY has a diverse clientele from different countries. At ZVKY’s game art studio, you can expect both quality and efficiency from the results. And don’t forget to check out our super cool game outsourcing studio gallery and portfolio.


Game art


ZVKY delivers beautiful 2d game art with a collective effort of our creative team of artists, designers, and developers according to our clients’ requirements.


We help our clients implement unique and fantastic slot game art for maximum game enjoyment and bring games that stand out.


Concept art is the basis of a game’s development and is responsible for how a game will look and feel.


Whether you need environment art or character, creature and object designs ranging from whimsical themes.


ZVKY also provides UI and UX design for versatile games and applications. We create intricate designs that are user-friendly and are well-tested.


Come and create a unique hide and seek game with our ZVKY’s creative team for a better immersive experience.


Our artists render 3D objects on a 2D plane to create realism through isometric art.

Character Design

From aesthetic to overall visual appearance, we specialize in character designs that take the entire storytelling and plotline into a different level.

Game Animation


ZVKY provides 2D character animation, props, environment animation, and realistic motion styling to assist our clients.


Our team of professionals assists you with the proper 3d Animations with the best technology and creativity.

Game Development

Unity Development

We create a successful gaming experience for Android, iOS, desktop PC, and consoles.

Slot Game Development

At ZVKY, the sole purpose of gaming development is to create engaging experiences and enriching visual environments.

Casual Game Development

A casual game allows gamers to play casually without any restrictions. ZVKY uses stunning designs with precision.

Mobile Game Development

ZVKY creates precise and visually appealing games. Reach our experienced mobile game developers!

Our Technical Expertise

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The process of game development includes pre-production, production, and post-production stages. The game type, target audience, genre, storyline, finance, design, technology, platform and marketing are decided in this stage. Design elements and game mechanics are completed during the production stage. The post-production stage involves bug fixing, server maintenance, and other maintenance-related work.

Outsourcing your game art requirements can not only cut down on the time required to build impressive and lucrative games but also reduces the costs incurred. It also gives flexibility as the services can be availed only when required, compared to a fixed overhead cost of having an in-house team.

Yes, we can update designs and themes with backgrounds, new characters, tilesets and more as per your requirements.

Some of the top game art designers in India are sought out for their expertise and skillsets that make their work unique and interesting. With an in-depth understanding of various game art concepts and practical knowledge of game designing software, the designers at many of the top game outsourcing companies can give your game the professional edge you are looking for. You can get in touch with us to know more about the design services we offer and how our artists can help your game stand out.

You can get in touch with us to discuss your game art design requirements. We will provide you with a contract that has all the information regarding the scope of work, guarantees for cooperation, the terms and conditions, and the team who will be working on your game art design. This process is done to assure you of our commitment to your game art design project requirements.

At ZVKY, we offer 2D & 3D game development, gaming solutions with social media integration, single-player, multi-player, and gambling games, gamification solutions, iPhone/Android games and more.

The artists at ZVKY are expertise in creating highly engaging animations as per the needs of the clients. We are one of the best game art outsourcing studios, turning your dreams into virtual reality with the help of our creativity.

You need a game art studio to deliver top-notch graphics for your projects. The experienced game developers at ZVKY provide stunning 2D/3D game art outsourcing art and design services for games.

By hiring a professional game art studio like ZVKY, you can easily turn your game concept into stunning designs at affordable pricing. Browse through our portfolios to see the skill of our experienced artists. Contact us today!

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