Unlock the Keys to Art Outsourcing Estimation

We at ZVKY never forget to get to the root of your vision that is in the form of tangible requirements. With meticulous attention to detail, our creative artists can easily delve deep into your customer’s vision and their needs. So, get ready to hold our hands to walk you through the game art estimation process in our studio.


Sometimes our clients on their first online meeting may not be very specific about their requirements. So, it is crucial that you tell us about your game, including its genre. Break the ice by sharing your gameplay mechanics and stories. In case you are hesitant to uncover sensitive information, there is nothing to worry about, as we are ready to sign an NDA before we initiate the process.

Uncover Game Type, Number, and Timeline

Are you convinced to give us your requirements? According to the type of graphical assets, we will estimate with precision. Remember, it can be a character art, concept or sketch, animation, and VFX. And also give us the overall assets to predict the possible deadline. Only then can we schedule the plan and estimate the workload of our artists.

ZVKY Motive/Objective


Choose the best gaming service

We understand at a deeper level as we pay attention to our clients. We also get to know their precise pain points. As a result, we assure to serve their needs in a higher efficient way.


Project management plan

Planning for the gaming project requires a higher level of intelligence, and we create a perfect gaming plan for all our esteemed clients. Our gaming methodology is key to making all our games successful time and time again.


Detailed execution planning

At ZVKY, you will get what you really want. By keeping our target clear and defined, our skilled and creative artists dig deep and uncover all your whys to execute the plan with great ease.

Our Best and Efficient Practices in the Workflow

Every new gaming project that we undertake gives us a new perspective on how to approach it. We go through every project stage-wise. Then, we are inclined to focus more on the typical stages.

Extracting the right and relevant information before we begin the project planning is the key to success. Kindly don’t be hesitant to look at our brief example where you can use it as a reference point. After gathering all the visual references and agreeing on details in the technical brief, we will proceed to the following stages.


Using the same images as given in the example gives you an idea. But the preference should be given to unique images that convey your ideas most strongly and with precision. Our professional team can create the game art with intricate details. However, we can also change it accordingly to your needs and budget.

Your Game Resolution or Size

If you are stuck and don’t know the exact resolution for your game art, you can give us the rough measurements.

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