Sr. Game Developer


  •  Play the primary role of developing cross platform games / apps on Mobile and Web platforms, using any technology stack preferred by client or as discussed with the Tech Manager
  •  Collaborate with the Studio team and creative team to create and produce new games of AAA standard.
  •  Enforce code quality through code reviews and unit tests.
  •  Integrate third-party SDKs to analyse and optimize user experience.
  •  Multi-task between primary project and secondary projects (such as debugging support for a specific team, troubleshooting, etc)
  •  Front-ending with the client and ensuring there is no technical snag in any project / deliverable
  •  Own and drive the project schedule, with timely deliverables.
  •  Candidate should have: strong foundation on game development.
  •  Hands on experience in developing games using HTML5, JavaScript, JS variants such as Phaser.js, Impact.js, Typescript using game engines such as babylon.js, three.js etc.




Engineering/ Relevant Qualifications

Skills Required:

Hands-on experience in web games and app development.Strong in HTML5, JavaScript, c# and Game engine; like phaser, babylon.js, three.js etc.