3D Lead Artist


  • You will Lead the 3D team in technical and supervisory matters and oversee its development.
  •  Coordinate and schedule the department’s workflow.
  •  Responsibility for the creation of high-quality 3D art.
  •  Responsibility for the compilation of reference materials and visual and technical style guides for all 3D artists.
  •  Implement concept artworks and your own ideas.
  •  Give instruction and feedback to 3D artists at all levels.
  •  Work closely with the Art Director and Team.
  •  Time management, prioritize and coordinate deadlines.
  •  Develop and preside over in-house design concepts and further training programs.
  •  Client interaction.
  •  Understanding of RFP.
  •  Training and Developments need to the Junior artist.
  •  Helping in the hiring process.
  • High quality environment and props.
  •  Responsible for the portfolio creation.

Candidate Preferences:

  •  Completed degree or equivalent training in 3D Art.
  •  Must be a Team player and hands-on Professional experience as a lead or Sr. 3D artist in 3D Modelling & Texturing
  •  Good communication skills and enthusiastic attitude towards teamwork.
  •  Structured, result-oriented working approach, tailored to each individual project
  •  Experience in explaining technical skills and information, e.g. in workshops.
  •  Good self-organization skills.
  •  Able to work to deadlines under pressure and with minimal supervision.
  •  Ability to work collaboratively in an open team environment.
  •  A positive attitude and a commitment to bringing fresh ideas.
  •  Excellent work ethic with diligence in timekeeping and focused attention to detail.


8 + years


Completed degree or equivalent training in 3D Art.

Software Skills:

3D Modelling, Texturing with a fair knowledge of Lighting. Experience in 3D Max, 3D Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, photoshop. etc