The 10 Best Video Game Concept Art Ideas

Body: The best thing about video games is how immersive it is. For gamers, it is a world that has different rules and laws. If you have ever been fascinated by video games, whether as a child or as an adult, you may also find it fun to understand video game concept art. That is why we […]

Importance Of 3D Modelling In The Gaming Industry

3D modelling is a method used in computer graphics for the reproduction of a 3D digital representation of any surface or object. 3D modelling is used in the gaming industry a lot, and also in other industries such as architecture, illustration, advertising, and engineering. The most important thing about it is that character animation and […]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Artificial intelligence is an invention of technology that has changed the entire sector and made things more machine-centric yet precise.Therefore, the concept of artificial intelligence is swiftly being incorporated by most game development studios in India.  The best part about artificial intelligence is that it brings forth a very realistic situation in front of the gamers […]

Everything You Need to Know about Low Poly Game Characters

Do you love to play video games? Does it interest you how the life-like characters are created? Well, this is what we call low poly game characters, and they are mostly 3D in nature. These characters are one of the primary reasons why your gaming experience increases manifold and it becomes so much more realistic. […]

How Concept gives life to a Mobile Games

Concept art is a creative process that is behind every impressive game. Without concept creation, there will be no game development. It is nothing but the idea itself that helps the game developers to visualize the entire game. Plus, the concept is the basis to market the game as per its genre and target audience. […]

How to get Ideas for your Mobile Game Concept Art

Every popular mobile game or video game originates from unique concept art. It is a simple yet profound idea that can create a marvelous game and hit the market. Thus concept art is the basis of all game developments. Without concept art, the entire game development world will never exist. What is concept art for […]

COVID-19 and The Game Industry

There is no denying that Covid-19 has had a great impact on the gaming industry. Games have become immensely popular with the outbreak of the pandemic and the start of home isolation. This has led to the development of gaming studios in India and other countries too. The Indian gaming market flourishes and it is […]

6 Reasons to Prove that Video Games are Result of Great Art and Animation

Art is mostly associated with painting, sculptures, illustrations and performing art forms like dance, drama, and more. But do you know that video games are also a form of art? Throughout the world, gaming has become a passion among many for the versatility it offers. You can create what your imagination holds and that is […]

Why Do You Need a Video Game Character Design?

Video games require a lot of things, including great gameplay and a well-written plot. It also needs high-quality video game characters and fantastic character development. Video game concept art is extremely crucial for the success of any video game in today’s world, where people demand more all the time. It is up to the game […]

What is the Use of Animation Outsourcing help in Gaming Industries?

Animated videos have become extremely common for brand promotions. It has emerged as an efficient tool for reaching customers. Animation imitates real life motion, making it extremely appealing and attractive for viewers. As a result, animation outsourcing has become a common trend across industries. Animation outsourcing companies have the resources and expertise to deliver unmatched […]

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