ART PRODUCER [Associate, Mid, Sr]

8 to 12 years

Art Review / Art Quality check using Flash / Photoshop. (Knowledge of 3D production and Autodesk Maya is a plus).


As an Art Supervisor, the primary responsibility is to ensure the target art quality is met and the feedbacks from client is addressed. You will be the final checkpoint of every Art asset that goes out from the studio. You will have to be agile and easily approachable, to work with different teams across multiple projects. The ideal candidate should have good command over english, excellent leadership skills, people management skills, review skills and sound artistic skills with technical hands-on knowledge of Photoshop and Flash. Knowledge of 3D production pipeline and 3D Maya is a big plus. Above all else, must have unwavering passion for games and focus to attain excellent art quality.


Understands project / client requirements and feedbacks clearly.
Communicate effectively / clarify to the team when required.
Periodically review the art work with all the quality guidelines and with client’s feedback and report the outcome of the test with suggestions / concerns. Minimise iterations.
Develop art quality test cases and checklist / log for each project, to establish the art review pipeline effectively.
Keep track of daily deliverables and prioritise art review accordingly.
Supervise day-to-day activities and assist the Team as required.
Provide AD sheets, style guide for Tests / Projects that need them.
Lead & Mentor team.
Strong organizing and prioritising skills.
Address technical challenges, client concerns, and team issues promptly to prevent production pitfall and delays.
Provide technical guidance on Photoshop / Flash to team as required.
Stay current with industry trends and latest technologies and apply them to improve production.
You will be the final gate for approving / rejecting all the deliverables based on the art quality and technical parameters.
Build studio portfolio


Excellent english communication skills, both written and verbal
A collaborative, upbeat work ethic that allows you to take ownership and address issues.
Professional and self motivated.
Ability to work in a fast paced, radical team environment and juggle between multiple projects.
Hands on knowledge and experience of Photoshop, Flash CC.
Knowledge of using action scripts for automating / optimising work in Photoshop / Flash is a plus.
Must have experience and knowledge of 2D art, Flash – cell and tween animations. (3D art production is a plus).